12 December 2013


I've started to use my previously parked Twitter account @bronsuchecki. I will be mostly using it to let people know about any new posts I do here or on the Perth Mint website, as well as FYI/of interest on stuff that doesn't warrant a full blown post.

Doubtful I will be using it to do much following as I already have over 20 other identities to keep track of.

Anyway, for those who prefer to keep in touch via Twitter, that is now an option.


  1. Hi Bron.

    Slightly off topic. I am searching the web for info on gold and came across your Blog. I am wondering if Perth mint is/would consider accepting Bitcoins as payment for bullion and coins?

    I recently bought some bullion from a German dealer who accepts Bitcoins using the payment service https://bitpay.com/

    I'm in Perth and would love to be able pop down and buy bullion.



  2. We don't accept bitcoins and are unlikely to do so until there are currency converters with a sizeable balance sheet and governance that we can rely on to get paid.

  3. the ankle-biter in chief has spoken.


    no...they're not standard losers...just completely biased sycophants of their turd...who are starting to turn away from the site.

    i wonder at times if he realizes why his audience is shrinking and even considers that his own juvenile ridiculing/sarcastic comments have grown tiresome and might be part of the reason.

    i left the site long ago when the turd vs. the world crap started and he started the name calling and taunting etc. and their was always some type of event or inside knowledge he was aware of.
    what a load of crap...like the current jpm long position hoopla.

    in my opinion he has allowed the site to become an object of ridicule for others to poke fun at....or simply ignore and stay away. toxic, angry or repetitious paranoid comments by some have ruined the site...and then there's turds incessant bravado and horn blowing of how right he is all the time.

    turd...you'll always be right when you mention or use disclaimers in all your posts that you can whip out to prove how right you are when at times you were completely wrong or naive in your assertions.

    blatant ass covering tactic that's transparent and all too common...and probably something many long gone posters saw through.
    it's ok to be wrong without being a shit head about it and rubbing it in your audiences face by reminding them how much of a bargain (boar) you are.

  4. The link to:
    doesn't work.

  5. I drop by here to hear a little bit of reasoning from Bron's view of sides....& imo its much appreciated, don't stop Bron.
    I don't follow TF's site...but occasionally click GATA's link to his view on things.

    But shit-canning his (or others views) on here does this sites comments no favours (again imo only)

    Critical thinking & constructive criticism is far more accurate & enjoyable to read than blatent head kicking / name calling.

    Cheers to all.

  6. Fixed, don't know what happened there.