27 August 2020

Webinar for Beginners to Gold

If you are new to gold the webinar below I recorded yesterday will be useful. The main presentation goes for about 50 minutes and covers

  • The Rational Case for Gold
  • The Irrational Nature of Gold
  • The Four Types of Gold Investor
  • What to Buy
  • Who to Buy From
  • Where to Store
  • Gold or Silver, or Both?

Then there was 1 hour of Q&A that cover a lot of questions beginners have.


This blog has been silent for a few years as I have been writing weekly for ABC Bullion at https://www.abcbullion.com.au/investor-centre/pdf

I have some topics to write about but trying to find the time in a booming gold market like we have now is proving difficult. A good problem to have.