24 December 2013

Interview with Argentus Maximus at TF Metals Report

Forgot to mention that on December 5th I had an interview with Norman Greene who runs a newsletter service Rhythm 'n Price and a blog on TF Metals Report under the pseudonym Argentus Maximus. You can download the Skype interview here. Topics covered in the 42 minute interview include:
  • The monetary nature of gold
  • Backwardation and carry trades
  • Bullion banks’ arbitrage role in the gold market
  • Highly competitive refining industry
  • How Perth Mint’s backs its unallocated storage with working inventory
  • What Perth Mint would do if gold gets scarce and cannot be sourced
  • Demand from China and other Asian countries
  • Impact of hot money flows on gold market and need to be cautious on next run up in price


  1. Long time reader. First time viewer. Thought it was great. Thank you.

  2. For regular readers who are missing their resident guru/s over the break, here's an analyst who never sleeps.

    Always informative, and neither MSM nor "alternate"