16 December 2013

About being part of a psyops program to infiltrate and undermine gold discussions

On the Silver Doctors website someone accused me of being part of a psyops program to infiltrate and undermine gold discussions. I left a comment that is currently in moderation, but I reproduce it below FYI.

I think the manipulation of internet discussions and disinformation is something we should all be aware of but I don't think it is a problem in the gold space - it seems to me from the many places I've frequented since I started blogging in 2008, that in general the gold internet sites aren't overrun with pro fiat/govt trolls and there is a very active defense against anyone disagreeing with any goldbug theory or narrative.

"Why would a guy who works a full time job in such a high position for the Perth Mint, who’s not allowed to even get in to details about the Mint, as he’s stated, be joining discussion forum(s) such as goldismoney2, and make a personal blog, that’s not really even promoting investment to the Perth Mint?"

Not sure what you mean about "not getting in to details about the Mint", which details are you referring to? I talk a lot about the Perth Mint, but not about competitively sensitive stuff, which I wouldn't think is surprising.

As to why I comment on forums (I actually have over 20 "identities" http://www.perthmint.com.au/research_about.aspx) and have run my own blog since 2008, well same reason you comment here, because I'm interested in gold and want to talk about it. Just because I work for a mint means I can't talk about the market?

And while the blog is personal, everything I do does reflect and have some small impact on the Perth Mint. But anyway, if I didn't work for the Mint I would still be on the forums, not everything has to have a profit motive.

"He claims it’s not on behalf of the Mint."

A personal blog is by definition not official. I say that on my blog so it is clear I'm not representing the Mint and thus I can speak more freely. Isn't that a good thing, that I'm transparent about that and that I can express an opinion, or would you rather no one from the industry provide any insight into what goes on?

"Moreover, why even post using your real name AND photo in a first post on a discussion forum? That’s not the standard on how higher-ups do things on the internet (as well as the rest of us too), unless they’re running and promoting a business such as retail or newsletter or consulting, where verification of who the person is may be sought out by perspective clients, before purchasing their services."

When setting up my personal blog I considered doing it anonymously but I thought that would be dishonest. I thought it was necessary for people to know who was writing so that they could be on guard for any bias or agenda I might have. No it is not the “standard” for how higher-ups do things on the internet, are you saying you would want less involvement by the industry? Also, as I said above, while the blog is personal, there is some small promotional/representational aspect I cannot divorce myself from, so again, being upfront about who I am I thought was necessary.

“However, Sucheki isn’t selling anything on behalf of the Mint, and nor is he selling consultation or newsletter services. In other words, what’s in it for him to post on a discussion forum, while providing his real name and photo? I may be wrong about this, but it all smells kind of fishy.”

Part of my job going forward will be to take on some social media aspects, so my stuff on the internet will have a “selling” component.

“The first time this guy ever showed up was ~ 1 year ago on the goldismoney2forum.”

I’ve been blogging and commenting on forums since 2008.

“In his first post, showing his real name and photo, he defended the position/government propaganda line of a troll.gov like zman. Strange indeed. That’s the general pattern I’ve observed, and many others too.”

Can you provide a link to that post. If you read my blog you will find plenty of non troll stuff. I am not a cheerleader for everything written about gold on the internet, but just because I might disagree or provide another view doesn’t make me a troll.gov either. I had similar claims made about me on TF Metals Report, maybe the answers to their questions may give you a more rounded picture of my views http://goldchat.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/questions-from-tf-metals-report-readers.html.

“Is there really a man named Bron Suchecki? Probably so. Does he really hold the position he states at the Perth Mint? Probably so. Does he really look like the man in the photo? Probably so.”

Most certainly I am real.

“Does he really run a blog and make posts on a discussion forum? Probably NOT. I suspect that the real Suchecki has given his permission (to those who compensate him well for the priviledge ) to those that run the Cass Sunstein-designed program of infiltrating and undermining internet discussion boards (that discuss topics contrary to US government interests), to post on his behalf.”

Absolutely incorrect. I started the blog myself and its content and all the content of the identities at http://www.perthmint.com.au/research_about.aspx are my personal work, there are no ghost writers. I don’t know if there is a psyop program directed at precious metals markets, but neither I nor the Perth Mint are involved or engage in such behaviours, either for (we make money by selling gold products) or against gold.

“The reasoning is logical if you’re running a psyop as stated by Sunstein. You strengthen the government propaganda position via getting a ‘guru’, who’s presented as the real deal (real name and photo included), to agree with the troll.gov posts. Moreover, you get the troll.gov posters to refer to the information presented by the ‘guru’ Suchecki, in their attempt to validate the propaganda position. Given that Mikeyj was validating Suchecki AND ztroll.gov, it’s no surprise to me that ‘Bay of Pigs’ has taken an intelligent approach as to his suspicions regarding whether Mikeyj is in the same infiltration program. Good job, ‘Bay of Pigs’, at spotting these psyop techniques!”

I think anyone who looks at the entire body of my blog and comments elsewhere on the internet since 2008 would, if it was a psyops program, have considered it very ineffective and asked for their money back.

If you want to charge me with being a psyops program, then please provide evidence that I engage in all of the behaviours listed here http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/08/the-15-rules-of-internet-disinformation.html or http://pastebin.com/irj4Fyd5 which is more comprehensive. I think it is important to be aware of these techniques because I’ve seen some of these behaviours, although I’m not sure it is a psyops program and just general troll behaviour you see anywhere.


  1. simply put...the shills out there are slightly paranoid and anyone who threatens their version of the truth has an agenda and becomes villified. you're the enemy or a spy, of course.

    it's that simple. they're beyond emotionally invested....they're also financially invested and cringe at their gravy train being interrupted or that some folks will connect those dots.

    money changes people...and their sites. they claim to espouse "the truth" and then stifle, mock or attack it when it becomes uncomfortable and potentially unprofitable.

    what i see on certain blogs is an undisputable authoritarian attitude or intolerance toward "truths" that threaten their ego's...and bottomline.
    when they start attacking their least obedient posters or those who dare question their view they react in a bratty way like a child.

  2. LMAO!
    You just can't make stuff like this up. One can only conclude that these people exist in order to make comedy redundant.

  3. Wow, this guy is 100% nuts. He should consider double folding his tinfoil hat as the waves are clearly getting through.

    As a side note Mr Suchecki, I have seen you reference Bullionvault.com a couple of times and I was wondering if you have a professional opinion about them? I am aware its just an opinion and I'm not looking for a comprehensive answer or guarantee……..just wondering if their reputation in the industry is one of integrity. Thanks for any input, and thanks for your continued efforts on this blog.



  4. Bron, just a point of order. In your post you mentioned that you "have over 20 identities," and linked to a list of them right out in the open for all to see. (Strangely you neglected to include your identity at Got Gold Report, but no worries there, mate.) What you neglected to say was that all 20 (or more) of those identities were BronSuchecki, so the point of order is to say that you have but one identity spread across 20 or more venues.

    I dare say that some of the freaks, kooks and nuts who post on the other threads likely have multiple identities and often end up posting to themselves. (Something I have observed often enough at one particular site as to be blatant and obvious, with the poster forgetting which identity he is at times.)

    At any rate, it is absurd for people to accuse you of being a part of a psyops campaign ... as if a poster on a discussion site could have enough influence on the global, that's global market to make any difference at all.

    I suppose there is some entertainment value in there somewhere, but not much. it does allow me to ignore those sites completely, however. Best, GA

  5. It is a testament to the conspiracist mind that somebody presenting their real name and employer when they comment is more suspicious than the run-of-the-mill anon.

  6. I dropped in to that discussion for a looksee but couldn't read too far. I know where these guys are coming from, and used to read that crap, but they're just too angry and abrasive. I had to get out of there!

    It was like walking into a redneck bikie bar and they're all drunk and want to beat up on.. anyone.

    I can see how offensive that put down would feel to a genuine blogger who knows the industry.

    I don't think those hoons with their wild west perspective understand that entities like a govt corporation and its workers might have integrity.

    They don't get that.

  7. Good point Gene, they are more online accounts. Re Got Gold Report, that is covered by my Wordpress account, but I should indicate the individual sites using Wordpress.

  8. Hi Bron, I also dont see your account for Screwtape Files listed, but I dont blame you for missing some, thats a lot of accounts to try to keep track of.



  9. I think we can stipulate that the internet has plenty of cranks and trolls on it.

    More discussion of the precious metals markets and less attention to the freak shows is probably the best policy.