06 September 2012

Take Gold With You On Your Journey Into The Unknown

Have a post up on the corporate site about the Deutsche Bank's latest long term asset return study, subtitled A Journey into the Unknown.

Any analysis that looks at asset returns in gold terms is worth a read. It is interesting in that it has an ambivalent view of gold - usually when people write about gold they have a strong pro or con view.

My view is that if we are in uncharted economic territory as the study argues, then that is exactly the time to hold some gold insurance.


  1. Hi Bron
    Your link doesn't seem to be working.

  2. The link in the post didn't work for me either. Maybe it's a geographical location issue?

    This one did, however, work for me:


  3. Thanks Ryan. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out if I had a browser bug before I just gave up.

  4. Hmm, must be some stupid geo location feature of our website. I'll have look into it.