21 September 2012

Empty Letter

Received a letter from the US yesterday addressed - GCORP ATT: Bron Sucheki - and sent air mail with four First Class Forever 2009 dated stamps on it.
Funny thing is, it was empty. Don't know if this was meant as some symbolic message (I'm an empty person) or USA goons have intercepted it and removed the offending letter.
Very weird.
While on the topic of unusual letters, in December 2008 we received a series of four letters addressed to "The Director" just signed Michael. Some samples (I kept them, of course) from the letters:
"Gold is going into the stratosphere once the Central Bank controlled, fractional reserve, fiat paper, thin-air monetary and banking system collapses very soon."
"Are you happy as Director of the Perth Mint to be parting with gold (and silver) at a price that bears no resemblance to the underlying demand? A price that is doctored by the Illuminati banking shysters to prop up their iniquitous fiat paper money extortion racket against the human race?"


  1. The message is on the inside of envelope. If you can't find it/read it its not for you.

  2. Bron,

    I think it is obvious that the letter contains all of the documentation proving that someone had their "allocated" gold stolen from them by a repository.

    You need the magic decoder ring to read it :)

    When will this be on KWN?


  3. It was GATA with their evidence of gold cartel smackdowns.