25 September 2012

SLV bars found in Bullionvault and Goldmoney!

I said to Warren he needed to sex up his post titles but he declined - I suppose it detracts from the serious approach he is taking to this ETF bar list analysis project. Doesn't stop me from using a headline grabbing title however. Another interesting post on what goes on inside the secretive LBMA "chain of integrity" vaults: http://screwtapefiles.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/slv-database-4.html

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  1. Thanks Bron :)

    It's been quite a challenge to compose a study that is as broad and deep as what I've done in these articles.

    It is also part of a restyling approach where we lay it out the information in ... I don't know ... a formal university study.

    This is all part of a reaction against some older (negative) feedback we had, and I quote cpnscarlet from TFMetals Report (July 2012):

    "... I put the Screws in the same category with Celente: lots of big talk with little or no actionable data ...".

    This series of articles should hopefully get him/her to change his/her mind, but he/she may not necessarily like the conclusions that are emerging from the data analysis.