03 April 2012

Tungsten Fake Gold Bars

Been busy at work and home, hence the lack of posts. I've recently posted on Tungsten fake gold bars for those who may not have seen it. I've posted before on this issue here and here.

Coincidentaly, the Mint has recently bought a "Panalytical wavelength dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) instrument" for $470,000. Before I get comments about how XRF's don't detect inside a bar, this unit is used for testing assay samples and those samples undergo a preparation process before being XRFed. Key process is melting the item to get an even distribution of the metal and then taking a dip sample.

Will be looking to post more regularly on the corporate blog (see here for a daily blog watch) and will continue with sharing stuff via my Google+ posts page.


  1. Just bought two two kilo gold bars in Bangkok, normally, gold bars in Thailand are made here, the ones I bought said swizaland on them, I found a picture on the net of the fake bar, they where the same I had bought but different numbers, I went back to Bangkok assay and changed them for local gold bars.

  2. Being a fellow 'Perthite', I can't help but to think Bron that you have sold your soul or, if you prefer, have had your soul bought for.

    Add to this the 'cash for gold' ads on TV re. the Perth Mint and 'Bob's your uncle'. This brings the Mint down IMO.

    I kinda liked your freehold blog as opposed to the corporate(yawn) Perth Mint Blog.

    Not to worry, moving on.
    Just sayin'

  3. I don't understand why you think I've sold out. Whether I write for the corporate blog or here, what matters re "sold out" is what I say and whether that is compromised.

    There has been a change in role for me and I will be writing more for the corporate blog, but that is temporary - there will be some changes coming on that front which I think will introduce something new into the gold blogosphere.

    I will still write stuff here, stuff which is too personal or political for a corporate site.

    As to the cash for gold, the Perth Mint has always bought gold and if people want to sell, then we feel we need to service that. You will find our buyback prices are significantly higher than others and we did that to bring a bit of competition into the market. I don't see how advertising that is a bad thing.

  4. Bron, I love Gold Chat, it is one of the reasons I turned to PMs.

    I don't know why people are giving you crap comments recently, but I know that you have a very high standing, and everyone ignores the tools. Keep up the good work :-)

    Gold Chat is the most useful resource for any Aussie interested in PM's and you deserve thanks for that.

  5. I second the comment above, your blog is great.