20 February 2012

Elliott wave predits $32659 gold on 16 Jan 2015

Nick from Sharelynx with help from Geoff S has put together an Elliott Wave theory prediction using 'The Golden Mean' & 'Fibonacci Sequences' to arrive at the future price of gold. Click here for the chart.

It predicts the next peak as $3,559 in Jan 2013 with an eventual peak of $32,659 gold on 16 Jan 2015. Nick's comments:

The first two uplegs (blue line) generate (through the formulas) the future uplegs (red line) as the price heads to it's peak at W5(5). The Time, Price and Percentage of each leg up & down are shown on the edge of the chart.

So having left W4(A) behind the next 16 months we are heading up to W4(B). Presumptions are that the blue line (actual gold price) will stay above the red line for the first 1/2 of the next upleg falling to below the red line for the second half of the upleg and rising steeply into the peak of W4(B) as gold likes to do.

Perhaps gold's final top is W4(D) or W5(1) or higher and perhaps the timing doesn't play out right but this presumably will be something close to the shape of gold's rise over the next few years.

A nice speculation and one to dream about. I'm certainly going to be bookmarking this chart and checking back from time to time. If it works out with reasonable give and take then I think Nick will achieve Guru status within the precious metals internet community.


  1. I didn't know the Onion did finance.

  2. As a long time LONG i.e. Gold & Silver, I recomend.

    http://fofoa.blogspot.com/2009/12/gold-ultimate-un-bubble.html ,
    When I see stupid remarks on a blog, that provides people with an opportunity to learn and view something other than MSM propaganda,
    that is what is sick!!
    Our host provides a forum for adults!

  3. This is a very worrying development. To my knowledge EW theory has never been right about anything & generally their predictions can be taken as a signal for movements in the opposite direction (contrary indicator if you like). See here for recurrent jokes about EW theory: http://www.slopeofhope.com/author-tim-knight.html
    @ Anon above.Obviously you are somewhat lacking in the humour department.

  4. What... not sick!?

    Maybe I should have said

    Siiiick man!

  5. Fully sick uleh!

    Anon; I don't think the freegold argument would be supported/not-supported to this chart.

    Isn't one prediction that the paper price of gold would go to zero in freegold?

    And I thought FOFOA's barrow was that freegold would come about with the "inverse waterfall effect" ( as the inverse of a hyperinflation in e.g. USD ?)

    Happy to stand corrected, as I'm always interested to learn more about freegold.

  6. EW is subject to interpretation...our own Alf Field has done some great work on gold & silver (recently), much of which contradicts Prechter's EW work.

  7. Hi Bron,Just watched your 2010 Sydney ANDA Coin Show presentation.
    A question,
    I recently imported 50 US Eagles & 50 Maples.Fedex was held up at Brisbane while the invoice from Canada was produced to customs.
    I only paid $55.20 delivery tax.
    The current day Eagles are 99.9 fine,were they lower at one time like Morgans,Liberty & Trade dollars?
    regards Terence.

  8. US Mint Eagles have always been 22ct / 91% pure. The Buffalos are 24ct.

    If you brought in Eagles you were lucky not to get hit with 10% GST.

  9. Sorry Bron,
    I should have been more specific!
    Silver Eagles & Maples,
    an extract:
    "Roll of BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) Silver Eagles. Each coin is 1oz .999 pure silver. The US Mint backs its weight and purity. The rolls contain 20 coins each."

  10. 'Gold Chat'...

    G o l d

    Also, google can answer your question surely. Stop wasting Bron's time.

  11. @ Pete,
    Who asked you?? Richard head!!
    the question was addressed to Bron about a video he made,
    It was not specific to gold! it was a
    precious metals,coin presentation!!

    Read my question again!
    & google trade dollars!!!!!!!!!

  12. My understanding is that the silver eagles have always been 999

  13. Freddie Bronfucker06 March, 2012 07:30

    Bron is a moron!!!
    He is a thief and cheat,and we're gonna bring his scam down.

  14. $32659!!!!

    I guess I'll hold on to my stuff until 2015 then.

    Hehe, great stuff if that were to happen.

  15. Hey Bron

    I didn't know you were a fan of the Butthole Surfers. Been a good while since I caught up with John W. Smoke Jr.

    Otherwise I didn't find Adrian's article all that illuminating.

  16. Here is my expectation for mid 2012