26 April 2012

Chris Martenson's Harvey Organ interview

Strongly suggest reading the comments to this interview (forget the interview itself) for those interested in what might be going on behind the curtain. Ignore the brutal personal comments and focus on some good educational stuff and first hand observations from Jeffery Christian, Victor and Erik Townsend (I put my 2 cents in as well).

Been AWOL I know, very busy at work with some pressing tasks.

FYI, I will be in New York city May 31st, details to follow once itinerary finalised.


  1. What is it that you sandgropers & other dipsticks do not understand??
    For 50 plus years,the US/UK governments with their 51st/52nd state lackeys,have been 'managing' the price of precious metals!.
    Proof you say!
    What about A.Greenspans,
    (Fed chairman),acknowledgement that "central banks stand ready to maintain/defend the price of gold"??.

    Gold & Silver Will win!!
    detractors and their weak minded believers will suffer and justly so!!.
    Eric Hoffers book,
    'The True Believer' is a good read if you can get it!
    I have had it for sixty years! yes thats right! 60.
    Question? Does any investor/hedger dump 3/4 of the world mining supply in an hour,to maximize profit of physical?

    Or,maximize profits by buying back cheap paper!!
    Oh yes!,
    Working for Perth Mint does not qualify you as a world expert!.

    W.A. has most of the gold deposits in Oz,Australia being the second largest producer of gold worldwide.
    1. China,
    2. Australia,

    Where do you think the Americans will send troops,to 'protect' their 'wealth'??,
    Where there is no gold or silver?


  2. Anonymous,
    You are of course quite correct in your analysis. But to grasp the true magnitude of the problem one must know who is behind it all. It is not Great Britain and the United States. They are merely the pawns on the chessboard.

    The chess masters are the three groups who have pulled the strings for a thousand years... the Illuminati, the Free Masons and the World Zionist Conspiracy. Did you know that representatives of these groups meet annually to plan their coordinated activities?

    Each year at the stroke of midnight on the 15th of April the meeting convenes in the editorial boardroom of the New York Times. I am reliably informed that this year's meeting was chaired by Paul Krugman, though I don't know which of the three groups he belongs to.

    And consider the date... The same date that Abraham Lincoln died, the Titanic sank and US income tax day.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    Yours in deepest conspiracy...

  3. What is it that you sandgropers & other dipsticks do not understand??

    LOL! Worth the ticket price on its own. Thanks!

    In fact, thanks to all HMS, everywhere, for all the laughs you have brought to the table for the rest of us.

  4. Don't know how this happened Bron, but (apart from DP) you have managed to attract some real strange types to your blog of late.

    Please don't let it stop you from posting.

  5. Yeah, Gold Chat isn't the best forum for waxing lyrical about your favourite conspiracy theory.

    The zero hedge comment section is waiting with open arms for that.

  6. Doesn't really bother me and I doubt it will become overwhelming as this place is not conducive to it.

    More interesting comments from Jeff at the martenson blog, especially re sprott's delivery problems.

  7. Bron,

    I am glad you linked to that thread.

    I think the information contained in the thread of comments is one of the best I have read, and Bron your contribution especially so, (leave my money in the usual spot, ta).

    However, Erik T displays the very same trait he identifies in his original comment that sparked the whole debate. Namely, specious argument and a resistance to contrary facts. I think the criticism of some of Mr Organ's claims was well deserved, but Erik T falls into the same category with some of his own claims. I offered to assist him with clear evidence of price manipulation and he disparaged my comments and never took up my offer. To paraphrase Kissinger, just because people you regard as conspiracy loons say the metals are manipulated, it does not mean they are not.

    To assist those who might wish to read a well presented case for metals manipulation I offer you the link provided in that thread by Strawboss, (not his real name.)


    Oh, look, this is the opinion of the blogs author, Chris Martenson.

  8. S Roche:

    Yes, I noticed the "radio silence" that greeted
    repeated questions, on waterfall selling during
    illiquid hours and the cap on gold price gains.

    It's funny how those inconvenient questions
    get passed over, EACH TIME, by the
    experts with self-proclaimed in-depth market

    Nothing to see here, move along, right?

  9. Thank you for this suggestion Bron. Good reading. :)

  10. anyone care to summarise the main points of this discussion and its various participants? its a bit lengthy and difficult to unravel.

  11. Hey Bron, is there any good sources of information on the web about the RBA and its workings withn the australian economy? There has been reams written about the US and european banks but very few people seem to be able to give us a clear understanding of the RBA, its true workings and its impacts, including how it 'prints' money and makes credit available, etc etc from a Misesian perspective.
    Its probably a bit much to ask, but this site would be a great forum for such specialist information from an Aussie perspective, in addition to the already excellent information specific to Australian confiscation issues.

  12. Yep will do that this weekend.

  13. Anon re RBA,

    Don't know why you comment got caught up in the spam filter.

    I don't know of any sources of info you ask about. I did a search myself on the practical operation of the monetary system in Australia but could find anything that explained it.

    While similar to the US, we do have different regulatory and political structures. In the end I think they will end up doing the same, ie dropping interest rates in a useless attempt to stop debt delveraging process.