04 February 2014

Update on Sprott physical redemptions

In November last year I posted on some physical redemption from the Sprott gold and pt/pd funds. Since then there have been some more beefy redemptions, which is related to the fact that these two fund (and not the silver one PSLV) are trading at a discount - as I said in November, "as long as it continues to trade at a discount we should continue to see these redemptions."

Date Gold (PHYS) Platinum (SPPP) Palladium (SPPP)
Jul 2nd 400    
Aug 1st 8,354    
Sep 3rd 12,500    
Oct 1st   104 236
Nov 1st 17,260 280 660
Dec 2nd 19,200
Jan 1st 83,890 1,966 4,493
Feb 2nd 91,680 5,565 12,712
Total 233,284 7,915 18,101
% since July 2013 14.4% 9.6% 9.6%


  1. So, you're telling me that Sprott's gold is being raided, just like GLD's, assuming Sprott actually holds gold? Sorry, couldn't resist sticking it to the goldbuggers out there.

  2. Surely Sprott's gold being raided is good for goldbugs, no?

  3. True 'goldbugs' know Sprott is a charlatan!