18 February 2014

Service interruption annoucement

Your goldchat blogging service will have intermittent service interruptions over the next two weeks due to the fact that I'm in Singapore/Malaysia for holidays and my other half has this crazy view that gold blogging is not an authorised holiday/relaxation activity.

I was aiming to get the series of fractional bullion banking posts completed before I left for holidays but it didn't work out. If it is not clear, I did not start this series with any idea of how it would end up or how long it would take. I had some general ideas on the topic but have just been exploring them as I go. That is why they don't seem clearly structured and I think it will be worth putting them altogether into one article and fixing them up into a more coherent whole.

As an FYI, most of the posts in this series have only been getting around 1000 views with the "how can I default on thee" one getting 3600, due to a GATA referral. This is not surprising as the material is technical in nature. I'm consoling (deluding?) myself that it is the quality of the readers, not the quantity, that matters.

I will do my best to try and sneak in a final (or two) posts in the fraction/run series. Now off to get some congee for breakfast - yum.


  1. Personally, I've been looking forward to each installment. I don't know where else I'd go to get this kind of analysis. Take a break, have a great holiday, but get back to it when you return.

  2. Ditto, enjoy what u have now!

  3. Happy holidays & fresh energy for putting these very interesting postings into one great article. ;)

  4. Bron,

    Thanks for the excellent work. I absolutely think you have quality readers and not the typical gold-bug crowd.

    Keep up the great work. Enjoy your holiday.

  5. If blogging site views hit but rarely,
    Be prepared to confront it squarely.
    Be it quality or quantity
    Mental rigidity brings on timidity.
    So hone your analytic tools,
    Sometimes intuition rules,
    Other times it simply fools.
    For your ego may be bigger than your britches,
    Thus defying what economics teaches.

  6. Shocking to hear those figures Bron!

    Although I must admit, I've never heard of you before (happily) following a link from another blog only about a month ago, and I can say with all honesty that I've thoroughly enjoyed every one of your posts since... and this series is outstanding!

    A thought... connecting with a few select, higher readership metals blogs by simply sending them a few of your posts for publication (tough to resist a day off for some of them... just write the intro and "let Bron do the work".

    The exposure would slowly but surely expand your readership... finally, perhaps some of your current readers could do the same to one of their favorite metals blog ( the A+ posts of course).

    Enjoy your vacation... and send our contempt to your better half :-)

  7. Greetings,
    I see that the number of readers of your more technical blogs is not high. Few people today are trained or disciplined enough to slowly work to understand difficult but valuable material.
    I have been meaning to thank you for providing such a high level of teaching about the gold industry. I am deeply grateful. Carl

  8. Bonjour,

    Vos articles, par leur qualité, vont me manquer.

    Bonne suite et très cordialement,


  9. Bron please keep up the good work - quality over quantity. Also, I know it helps me when i'm contemplating low view rates on my own publishing, think of them not as views but as real people - an audience hall of 1,000 people who are actively interested in your thoughts isnt too shabby. More than some investment conferences...

  10. I m a new convert,
    It is technical, but it's great, keep up the good work, think of us as disciples not readers

  11. Lot's of reading material, but I will read everything. I'm very familiar with George Selgin's work and will comment when I have the chance. Enjoy your vacations!

  12. Thanks for posting this series, it's highly appreciated.

    Quality over quantity indeed.

    No amount of flashy, doomsday, PM-spruiking, spurious and/or charlatan websites can ever compare to your awesome Blog.

    Enjoy your holiday.

    I have to say though - Asian breakfasts are not my cup of tea.

  13. Thanks again for the wonderful insights and for taking the time to so clearly lay out your view.

    Your partner is correct Bron; as much as we all love your analysis, life is in fact too short for gold blogging to eat time during a holiday with your significant other.