08 October 2013

Trip to Sydney & Melbourne

Next week I will be in Sydney for the Gold Sympoisum on 16th and 17th. A good selection of speakers, looking forward to those from Jeff Berwick, Louis Boulanger, John Butler, Dan Denning, David Evans, Chris Powell and Rick Rule. I also understand that BDO Tax Consulting will be covering tax issues with investing in gold, which should be useful in clarifying this often confusing area.

On Saturday the 19th I will be in Melbourne for the International Coin Show with a few speaking slots, the program includes:

11.00am Bullion Coins and their Markets - Ron Currie, Perth Mint Sales and Marketing Director
11.20am Factors Driving the Gold Price - Bron Suchecki, Perth Mint Manager, Analysis and Strategy
11.40am Stacking Precious Metals - Gold Stackers and Silver Stackers
1.00pm Gold Confiscation in Australia - Bron Suchecki, Perth Mint Manager, Analysis and Strategy
2.00pm Silver Stackers Discussion Panel - Ron, Bron, Ben and Mark

Look forward to catching up with any of you who are going to these events.


  1. Jeff Berwick doesn't know much, except how to sell you real estate in Chile.

    David Evans is terrible. Why someone who thinks gold "entirely useless" would get a billing at a gold symposium is beyond me.

    Louis Boulanger might save the day though.

  2. And I'll reserve judgment on the guy from ABC Bullion, unless I don't get the payment for the gold I sold them on Friday, by tomorrow.

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  4. So Bron, did you object when David Evans described gold as "entirely useless"?

    Yes, I'm definitely picking on him.