07 October 2013

China Surreptitiously Acquiring Gold Via The Perth Mint?

I've got a post up on the corporate blog addressing a comment by Jim Rickards in a recent Financial Sense interview where he said that on the dip in the gold price to $1,200 China bought 600 tonnes from The Perth Mint.

Also, a couple of weeks ago I did a corporate post answering this question from a reader, for those interested:

"If there is an event (why I would be buying precious metals as insurance for) that sky rockets the price of the metals what is the chance that I will be "paid" in fiat currencies rather than in the actual metals? Especially when the currencies are plummeting and the PMs are skyrocketing. If gold will be paid in paper isn't it paper gold?"

Apologies for the lack of posts on this blog, have been busy with work. There are a number of draft posts in the works that have been nagging me to finish.

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  1. Thanks for your update and links, interesting reading as always.
    I look forward to the posts forthcoming and appreciate the sacrifice you make.
    Cheers, Nigel