26 May 2011

Valcambi CombiBar

I know this is a competitor of the Perth Mint, but I really like the idea of the Valcambi CombiBar.

The CombiBar is a 50 gram gold bar with 50 detachable 1g bars, like a chocolate bar. You can break off a strip of 5 or 10 1g bars, and then further break down into individual 1g bars. Very handy for barter situations.


  1. brilliant. no one else thought of this? I wonder how much of a premium they charge?

    is this something you'd urge Perth to copy quickly? are you even allowed to copy it?

  2. In general the PM industry is not known for its modernity, so I'd doubt Valcambi even tried to patent the idea, so we could probablly copy it.

    It will be interesting to see if our guys can overcome the "not invented here" mentality. I like it, but then I'm just a treasury/depository guy so my opinions on what the market wants re coins and bars is ignored.

    I have one idea I think is a killer and would make the CombiBar look ordinary, but no interest so I'll have to see if I can skunkwork it by myself from within.

  3. Really innovative idea. I wish I could reinvent money too.

  4. Bron, given the public can do their own coin design, you might be able to tackle it that way. It would be interesting to see how many they are selling.

  5. Well of course the way of production and the right to the brand is already patented, but valcambi also offers to produce the CombiBars with customers logo for bancs and wholesallers on it. So it I bet it won't take a long time till its an standard investment product like regular bullion bars and coins

  6. Hey, They are available now in Australia. I just purchased one from www.bulionaire.com.au