04 May 2011

Someone is wrong on the internet

Kid Dynamite found this cartoon. It is unfortunately far too true for me. Why do I give a stuff?


  1. You give a stuff because you believe that people deserve the right to be informed, not mis-informed.

    That's my guess anyway.

    Thanks for everything :)

  2. LOL.

    While it is both a literal and a figurative simplification, it wouldn't be funny without at least some element of truth

    I view it a little differently, in that we are all participating in the rapid development of new ideas, like little neurons inside a global mind. It's a compelling process to be a part of.

    If it was simply a matter of proving someone wrong, there would be less development, as is observable in the more confrontational forums. There are areas however where the superior angles from many participants coagulate into something larger than the sum of the parts due to no one participant having a monopoly on being right.

    That's powerful. That's overcoming ignorance, and allowing us all to gradually overcome inequity, IMO.

    This short video speaks of the ignorance which I consider the internet to be the essential agent in eradicating. This is why gold cannot be fixed, but must float: we are too interconnected now informationally. Fixing gold relies on the ignorance of the masses as to what is really occurring.

    Such ignorance is a thing of the past.

  3. Very funny and so true. Happened to me last night. My wife asked where I had been (was past normal bedtime). I said I had to comment on a post I had read and it took some time to get my response right. She just rolled her eyes and smiled, like always.

  4. To mangle an old quote, all that is required for the triumph of misinformation is for informed people to do nothing.

    Lots of people like me are eager for sane, informed commentary like what you provide.