22 October 2010

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I'm posting now on the corporate blog, recent posts FYI:

A World Of Multiple Reserve Currencies

Vote On Proposed Changes To PMG

Gold Helps Manage Risk More Effectively


  1. The only problem with the corporate blog is that the links from there aren't nearly as interesting as the ones here.

  2. Once I get over some projects I'm one at the moment, I will start doing some more meaty stuff.

  3. Here or there?

  4. At the corporate blog.

  5. I need to ask, will you (and we, the commenters) have the same "freedom of speech" on the corporate blog as we have on this one? Or will the "official" blog be subject to this big bad creature called a "moderator"?

  6. The corporate blog does have a moderator, but that is us just being careful with rude/defamatory stuff being put up. We will be publishing critical comments about the Mint and are not looking to censor. The guys running it know that if they censor stuff the site will lose all credibility.

    I won't be censored either, but having said that I have to consider that as an official blog of a Government owned entity it is not appropriate for me to talk about policy type matters, as public servants should be politically neutral.

    Anything like that (or just silly stuff and non bullion views) I will post here.

  7. FYI... worth a blog?


  8. He is proposing some bastardised version of gold standard, so I doubt that would really work. for me the other contributing factors to where we are now is fractional banking and more importantly maturity transformation (ie not matching the term of borrowing and lending, eg borrow short lend long).

    Removing any explict and implict government guarantee of banks and making it clear to average people that they are on their own if the bank they put there money with fractionalises or mismatches terms too aggressively would be a start. I think the result would be many deciding to go with zero interest true "deposit" accounts which are 100% backed, ie not lent out, with consequent increase in interest rates as borrowers would have to entice savers with higher rates to induce them to take on the real risk involved.

  9. Hrrmmm...: