10 October 2009

Futures COT

Adam Hamilton of Zeal LLC is one commentator I have been following for many years. His latest one on the Commitments of Traders Report is essential reading:

"The bottom line is gold futures activity as chronicled in the CFTC’s Commitments of Traders Report is often misunderstood. A minority of analysts choose to interpret facts about week-to-week developments out of the illuminating context of bull-to-date behavior in similar situations. Thus their interpretations of this complex report are often misleading. And sadly many newer traders are swayed by this shoddy analysis.

It is critical to remember gold futures are a zero-sum game. For every short, there is an offsetting long. So if the feared commercial hedgers’ net-short position is surging and hitting records, then so too are speculators’ net-long positions."

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