01 October 2009

Canberra Trip

I have been busy preparing for two presentations I'll be doing at the Gold Standard Institute's seminar in Canberra. As a result my blogging will be infrequent.

On Sunday 1 Nov there is a free gold investor day and I will be explaining how London metal accounts are used to facilitate the flow of gold from mine to you. There is a great range of other speakers from Daily Reckoning, BullionMark, Global Speculator. If you are within driving distance of Canberra you would be crazy to miss it as it is a great opportunity to catch up with fellow precious metal investors.

2 Nov to 5 Nov is the formal seminar with Professor Fekete the key speaker. I'll have an hour session on COMEX stocks. Daily Reckoning will also be speaking and has a good explanation of what you can expect. Cost is $790 and a 4 day committment but if you have the time will be well worth it.

I have also forgottent to mention a new precious metals forum for Australians called Silver Stackers (they let gold investors in :). If you are tired of US centric discussions on forums like Kitco, it is worth a look.


  1. Bron, is it possible just to attend the gold investor day and not the GSI seminar?

    I'd like to come again this year but may not be able to afford it. We'll (soon) see. Since I live not to far away from Canberra I could drive up for a day though.

  2. Actually, on closer inspection that's exactly what you wrote, but I do remember reading something, sometime about GSI seminar goers getting first preference?

  3. You can just attend the free day, but I think it is likely to be oversubscribed. If you're not going to GSI seminar I'd suggest emailing GSI anyway to see if you can reserve a seat at the free day.