15 January 2016

German gold repatriation update

Three years ago tomorrow (16 January 2013), Deutsche Bundesbank announced that they would be repatriating 300 tonnes of gold from New York and 374 tonnes from Paris by 2020, which was a revision of their October 2012 promise they would transfer 150 tonnes from New York by 2015. So how have they progressed and are they meeting their schedule?

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  1. Hello Bron,

    I am putting together a website that will house information of interest to me, a fair percentage of that would be gold information. This would include, among other things, information like central bank holdings, gold production by country, etc. Most of this information I have or can get fairly easily. Except for two things:

    1) I see that Iran *may* hold 907 tonnes (2010), this is NOT on the WGC list.
    2) I am interested in the subject of gold counterfeiting. Tungsten is the main worry now, but I think that tungsten does not "ring", and so probably easy to detect a counterfeit of that. Would Pt, Ir or Os (Pt group metals) be an "alloy problem" (mixed with somewhat less dense metals), or is Au's color enough so that Pt-group metals are not a worry?

    Thank you.
    Robert A. Mix

    1. Hi Robert,

      I don't know of any way to verify Iran's holdings, the WGC list is the source I use.

      Countefeits in gold generally have been tungsten covered in gold, see http://www.myfoxny.com/story/19578206/fake-gold-bars-turn-up-in-manhattan and http://www.businessinsider.com/tungsten-filled-gold-bars-found-in-new-york-2012-9 with good pics

      I am not knowledgable in metallurgy but doubt those other metals would work to create the right density and look.

  2. Looks like we have our answer:

    The Bundesbank today announced its gold repatriation tonnages for 2015: 210 tons, with 99.5 having been returned from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and 110 from the Banque de France in Paris. This is 6 percent of all German gold reserves and 10 percent of the German gold reserves held abroad:

    At least one more central bank besides the Bundesbank must have repatriated some gold from the New York Fed in 2015, as the New York Fed reports a decline in its custodial gold holdings of another 25.5 tonnes.