08 July 2015

Gold’s strength in face of market sell off, is the bottom in?

“Gold is strong,” I hear you ask, “are you crazy?” Yes, gold fell just below $1150, but in relative terms  think it performed OK over the past 24 hours.


  1. Don't follow the herd into the mistake of only buying during uptrends and selling anything that falls. Gold - real metal, not paper - will rise precipitously in the case of some extraneous credit event disaster (which is a certainty at SOME approaching point)...if your investment timeframe permits, why not buy NOW, when fundamentals are screaming for one to do so...?

    1. because you may well be able to buy more Gold for the same amount of money at some stage in the short-medium term future if current trends persist

      Bron's article opens the debate about whether such a trend persists, or whether it has run its course; the Jury is out at present, and recent events such as Cyprus, Greece and Ukraine appear to have had no beneficial impact on the Gold price.

    2. The chance of a very sudden, explosive and then continuing climb in price greatly outweighs that of a further counterintuitive and fundamental-denying drop in "the gold price". Does anyone in his right mind really believe that a further price drop is in any way justifiable or likely from here?

      If I didn't already have a lot of metal, acquired at far lower prices years ago, I'd seize the day and buy now. Herd-followers will all be trying en masse to get through that small door into The Gold Room when the wheels of credit do come off.