01 May 2013

As if the rays of the sun were turned into solid form

I did an eight minute interview today on local Perth radio on the Perth Mint and gold. Got a bit poetic towards the end on why primitive man was attracted to gold, which a few collegues thought was funny as I'm supposed to be the analytical numbers person. My inner goldbug coming out.
You can find the mp3 of the interview at the corporate blog.


  1. Thanks Bron, it was an interesting interview. Actually, I especially liked the part about the woman buying her weight in gold - interesting way to allocate your investments but with a 500% return I guess you can not complain.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to educate us over in turdville, just wanted to let you know your knowledge is not falling on deaf ears or unappreciated. Also glad to see you've started blogging again, I was wondering where you went.