19 October 2012

Guest post on blackberries

So I send this article http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/16/technology/blackberry-becomes-a-source-of-shame-for-users.html to a friend I know likes their blackberry and got this funny response:

That is a terribly biased article probably written by someone from the "Apple we are the Rulers of the Brainwashed Universe Organisation" and come on the Blackberry is a good phone and direct message/e-mail option with a typing device without all the unecessary time wasting colorful superficial distractions attached to it.

People are so egocentric and afraid of not having what every one else has these days everyone has been convinced they must have a phone with a touch screen so they can look and behave like everyone else, it is beyond laughable. Not to mention peoples current insecurities are so heightened these days that they can not even manage to be seen in public with out clutching their most up to date version of the latest touch-screen-comforter-blanket-device for fear that they will be ridiculed by someone with a more recent PHONE, OMG!

I will continue to be proud to pull out my simple Blackberry device over all the page flicking, stupid touch screen, pointless App obsessed, incredibly expensive i-must-have-devices.

Fricking Hell people are so SHALLOW and operate under such a unified SHEEP MENTALITY which is seemingly only getting worse as the consumerist frenzied marketing VIRUS continues to INFECT the whole abominably unintelligent portion of the POPULATION.


  1. Yeah, well, people think that the junk obligations of the central bank & government are a quality financial instrument too. What does one expect?

  2. Spot on
    I happen to prefer buttons too, although I personally prefer Nokia it is not without its faults.

    The truly sad thing is that people are just caught up in a cycle of spending money for in reality very little net gain. All too often these phones have short life cycles as the services they use vanish before the phone is very old.

    Of course they all tell me how the phone is free. Well sure its "free" after you pay for a expensive contract. Here in Australia I use a phone provider who gives me telephony and data at about half the cost of compatible plans with the major telcos but happens to give me more telephony than the other plan too.

    Puts me about $900 ahead over the typical 2 year contract..

    My colleagues were a bit miffed when it turns out my 2009 Nokia takes better photos.

  3. Hmm, I don't have a mobile phone at all so where does that leave me?

  4. I agree with some of the comments made by your friend, there is a herd mentality attached to owning the latest and greatest phone. My wife gets jokes at her expense for using a dated Nokia 6300 (candy bar phone). Pretty sad. Not everyone needs the latest spec phone.

    However, parts of their comment indicate they might be part of another bunch of sheep, the mud slinging anti progressives. I am an ex-member. Prior to my current phone I clung to the need of a physical keypad, so my first "smart phone" was a Nokia N900, chunky beast with a slide out keyboard (and like your friends was anti touch screen), but as support dwindled I decided to give a friends Galaxy S2 a shot and shortly after bought my own. I was a physical keypad -> touchscreen convert from that point on (so happy with the SGS2 that I updated to SGS3 for the larger screen, but if another handset manufacturer comes up with something more suited to my needs/wants then I will switch, I'm not a brand whore).

    Apart from phone and messaging my phone gets the largest workout as a news/internet device and anyone with less than 20/20 vision who has used a mobile phone for this purpose knows that the "pinch to zoom" functionality for navigating some sites is invaluable.

    It's funny how defensive people get about their own devices. The reality is like anything we buy, whether it be a car, house, precious metals or a mobile phone, everyone has different needs, so what's practical for one person isn't necessarily the case for everyone.

    And not everyone who buys the latest and greatest does so for the purpose of maintaining social status. Some of us do it because we appreciate the improved usability/functionality that a new device often brings.

  5. Hey Bron,

    Do you know any financial advisers or accountants in the Freo/Perth locale who are up to speed with investing superannuation in physical gold with the Perth Mint?

    Cheers Paul

  6. Hi Bron

    Sorry for being off topic.

    I would like to hear your thoughts on this, if you would like to share them.

    Chinese Gold Imports Through August Surpass Total ECB Holdings, Imports From Australia Surge 900%


  7. Hi Bron
    Talking on a phone is my limit, maybe a text now and then so my input is limited.

    I'd like to ask a question as you are a man at the sharp-end of bullion.

    "Can the tremendous "shorts" of JP Morgan be attributed to bullion dealers hedging their inventory"?

    I'm guessing the "conspiracy" theory is wrong.

  8. Paul, unfortunately I don't know of any local advisors who understand gold.

    TF, ZeroHedge as usual play it up and also just look at the import figure not net imports. The trend is still good re China demand however.

    Duggo, I don't consider it an outrangeous idea that JPM has clients who like to go long gold in a leveraged way in the privacy of the OTC market, which JPM would/could cover by shorting comex futures. They may also be reacting to long demand in comex and buying physical and selling futures (Jim's spread trade). They may also have a naked short speculative position themselves.

    However anyone who says they know exactly how much of JPM's overall comex short is which of those three is speculating themselves.

  9. Bron, thanks for your reply. I don't know of any local advisors who understand gold either but I will pursue.

    Cheers Paul

  10. Dear Bron

    You've certainly upset the great "hype" Ranting Andy (or should that be Renting Andy?)


    Anyway the guy that sends out endless mail-shots "ranting" on about Miles Franklin.

    He reminds me of a second-hand car sales-man that you can't get away from.