29 June 2011

Government v Industry

The two charts below from Andy Smith's (Bache Commodities) latest piece are a humorous use of US house prices to illustrate the problem of Big Government. The first shows the real boom is in Government jobs and lobbying. The second how gold buyers aren't fooled by America's shift from productive to unproductive jobs.


  1. Wow, that's graphic. Good one Bron!

    Nicely supports Angelo's Codevilla's thesis about government and its beneficiaries forming the new ruling class.

  2. Government, just another interest group albeit with a difference. Rather than lobby, bribe and purchase influence to attain the desired decree it is the decreer, a distinction with a difference, a vast difference explaining its accumulated vastness. The stench of the host corpse doesn't penetrate beltway environs. Admittedly they do share an honest concern regarding unemployment but only their own.

  3. Bron, did you download that pdf The Structure and Operation of the World Gold Market & was it worth it?

    It looks interesting but is lot of megabytes.

  4. I've downloaded it but too busy at the moment to read, but have skimmed it and thanks for the link, it is good historical artefact.

  5. Bron - any chance of the 1/10 silver coins being released as bullion coins rather than just packaged items?

    Just that I'm looking to teach my son about coins and well.. 1/2oz coins are quite a big unit of value for a 5 year old :).

    If there was the possibility of getting say a 100 coin tube of the 1/10th pieces for a reasonable markup, it would be great for both this and other 'market building' purposes.

  6. There aren't any such plans at the moment. Trying to get a reasonable premium on a 1/10th of an ounce of silver will be difficult as the costs of striking it are a significant percentage of the relatively small metal value.