23 April 2011

Shuttling wealth through a crisis

Quote from FOFOA's latest post:

That's right, gold is not at its highest and best use being spent (circulated) as a currency during a hunger crisis. Instead, if you are one with PLENTY of net worth, gold is the very best way to shuttle your wealth THROUGH a crisis to the other side. If you are forced to deploy this wealth for food during a crisis, then you apparently planned poorly.

Couldn't agree more - gold is not meant to be used during a crisis, but after.


  1. hey Bron then what are you supposed to do to get food during a crises if you aren't supposed to be using gold?

  2. Silver coins. Buy sufficient small denomination silver coins that you think will get you through the crisis and maybe a little more. People will quickly recognize that they will have a reasonably stable exchange value. Beyond that, just physical gold. Period.

    Bron: So this is where you hide. Saw your comments on FOFOA many times. I agree with Mencius Moldbug (who linked to your site): you are a trustworthy source.

  3. Anonymous, that's the point of planning ahead, so you don't have to rely on gold. Cash is likely to be still used; silver coins is a good idea, it won't have the same perception as "wealthy" (you don't want people thinking you're rich); grow your own vegetables.

    star-gazer, thanks for the comment, I was a bit taken aback by MM's reference and appreciate it. I don't always agree with him (or sometimes understand), but he is very entertaining in how he goes about his writing.