03 September 2010

Australia’s only hard money conference

From http://www.symposium.net.au/the-gold-symposium.htm

The Gold Symposium, Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th November 2010

Symposium announces the launch of The Gold Symposium being hosted at the Amora Jamison Hotel in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th November 2010.

Featuring highly respected speakers from Canada, Australia and the USA, this event will approach topics such as the current state of the global markets; why gold is important as an investment; and, gold versus paper as currency.

Amongst many renowned speakers, hear from the internationally respected gold analyst and author, Mr James Dines. Even now many do not believe Mr. Dines’ longstanding prediction of “The Coming Great Deflation” internationally, but what’s next? Boom or Bust, inflation or deflation, or even a hyperinflation?

Other speakers are:
Mr Dan Denning, Editor, The Daily Reckoning
Mr Louis Boulanger, CFA, Founder and Director, LB Now Ltd
Dr David Evans, mathematician and founder of GoldNerds
Mr Robert Lambourne, Chairman, Penox SA
Mr Rudy Fritsch, President, Allsteel
Mr Richard Karn, Managing Editor, The Emerging Trends Report
Mr Gavin Thomas, Managing Director and CEO, Kingsgate Consolidated
Mr Barry Dawes, Managing Director, Martin Place Securities
Prof Steve Keen, Associate Professor of Economics and Finance at the Uni of Western Sydney
And ME!

My presentation is: Paper gold – will it “crack-up”?
• You only protect your wealth by knowing when (or when not) to sell your gold
• To do this you need a real understanding of the risks inherent in the operation and interaction of the physical and paper gold markets, not the hyped-up commentary designed to increase the commentator’s Google ranking rather than your wealth
• Otherwise you may find yourself holding worthless cash after what you thought was a bubble in gold was really a collapse of paper assets


  1. Hello there,

    Would you be able to express an opinion as to why the Federal Reserve wouldn't allow inspection and accounting of the US bullion reserves?

  2. Have a read of http://silveraxis.com/todayinsilver/2010/08/25/grounding-the-hype-audit-the-ft-knox-gold/