24 July 2010

Why Investing In Gold Is An Illuminati Trap

There are a lot of "why you should buy silver instead of gold" advocates out there, but this blog Why Investing In Gold Is An Illuminati Trap is, well, in a league of its own:

Welcome to The Patriots Cave, I am Joel the K. And yes, that is correct, the Illuminati wants you to waste your money on gold. Gold coins, gold bullion, gold stamps and gold of every sort. ...

This is what I believe the NWO is planning to do with gold. They will scare the middle and upper class into sinking their money in gold, and then they will pull the rug out from under it all. Gold will plummet as panic selling ensues. Gold will fall to under $300/ounce. And then people will realize, that like diamonds, gold too, is just something pretty to look at, and that it has very little inherant value.

So say I am correct in my speculation. What then would be the smart move? Oh that is easy when you think with your instinct and intuition. SILVER. Silver will become worth MORE than gold. Mark my words. Brethren and sistren, for over 6,000 years silver was like gold, a pretty metal to make jewelry and spoons out of, and coins and bullion bars. However, in the last few decades, silver has been found to posess qualities unlike any other metal. Silver is now being used to make computers, electrical appliances, medicine, cars, planes, boats, machines, and millions of other things.


  1. Making a habit of noting the weird stuff?

    Gold and silver are sort of inverts of each other. Gold is mostly a wealth store, with a commodity aspect. Silver is mostly a commodity, with a wealth aspect.

    They are both affected by the same external influences, but in different measures.

    1. Not true and you know it.

  2. Hi Bron,

    I think the person needs to read why gold is like any other metal...


    Its all about stocks to flow ratio!

    However...Silver is still a whole lot better than fiat.

    I think there is way too much info out there without the context and reference points to give it meaning.

    Even if you understand what is going on...there is still the problem of working out the optimum way of investing for your personal circumstances. It is very unfortunate the majority of people do not know how to manage money for themselves and value advice from family and friends that usually do not have clue themselves (The last Real Estate boom...).

    Everyone is vulnerable...question is...Do you actually know this?

    To the comment above...All power to the wierdos...Its all relative...Some of them are actually right;-)

  3. Hey Bron,

    I like your blog because there's a lot of interesting stuff, a lot of great information and insights that you have.

    There's nothing to be gained by this kind of stuff, making fun of these guys. These guys are best just to be ignored. When I saw there was a new post I was quite looking forward to read it but these things are just pointless.

    Keep it real.

  4. But is he a genuine 'gold hater'?

  5. Joel.K. should better read, Peter L. Bernstein "The Power of Gold" before shooting empty bullets.

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