12 September 2009

Alan Kohler - Gold Hater

One to bookmark and shove in his face when gold is $5000. From Gold fever looks incurable by Alan Kohler:

But underlying demand is weak and getting weaker, and supply is on the rise – big time.

Gold is the commodity of craziness.

... gold investors are that unique breed of incurable optimists who don’t want to be paid any income on their capital

... it is not a currency. I can’t go into JB Hi-Fi with a lump of it and buy a TV.

It’s just a commodity they [central banks] got stuck with because it used to be a currency a long time ago and will never be again.

So gold is also the commodity of confusion: is it an investment safe haven or just a commodity? Answer: it’s whatever everyone thinks it is, and right now it’s a haven.


  1. Alan was commenting on ABC news during the week, regarding gold. His facial expressions were priceless. A mixture of "gee I wish was already on board" and "damn, its probably too late now".
    Alan is probably too busy listening to the wrong insiders. I do not recall him interviewing anyone from the gold industry, and Marc Faber interviews are always left for someone else on Lateline.

  2. Unfortunately a sad reflection of the state of affairs in Australia in the economic and political arena. I make no apologies for categorically rejecting this commentary for the claptrap it is. And there is no excuse. The truth about gold is in the public arena for all to see.

    The upside is that the majority still have no idea about gold and that means there is plenty of upside to come for those in the know (US!) as gold steadily progresses through each major price point on the upside in a steadily accelerating and perhaps increasingly volatile fashion.

  3. Do you think maybe Alan Kohler is paid by the government to preach his propaganda?

  4. Here's another gold hater;


    They're coming out of the wordwork now, maybe they're afraid of something?

  5. Thanks to Michael Pascoe for his hot gold tip, that the best time to buy gold in $A was this time last year. That's what I did and my super fund was up 10% for FY 2008-2009. Wonder how Pascoe went. Didn't sell at the Feb highs but my super fund isn't for trading.

    As for Kohler, he has no idea. Clearly he has been reading the dodgy supply/demand stats from the likes of GFMS (Gold Cartel propaganda unit)

    The professional gold bullion "experts" have been wrong 9 years in a row as the gold price has risen and risen. You have to ask, why is that?

    ( Answers here http://gata.org )

    Why doesn't he just rant about how irrational it is for people to eat chocolate? Eating chocolate makes me feel good. Buying gold makes me feel secure. What is wrong with wanting to feel secure?

    It really is indicative of a culture of consumption and an antipathy to savings.

    Savings in gold might actually form the basis for some kind of steady-state economic system once the paper rubbish has been cleared away.

    He says the trend towards the demise of the dollar is clear, but obviously has no idea how far or fast that trend could go.

  6. Anon 8.23,

    I first come across Marc Faber when Alan had him on his Sunday business show back in 2006 as gold was topping. Until that point I was a conventional investor, stock picking and studying Buffet, Fisher and Graham. When I heard Fabers story, I went "what on earth is he on about?". I went on a massive learning curve, making my first gold purchase in the second half on 2006. Like Trevbus I have not lost any money during this crisis, even though gold only makes up a small portion of my portfolio. It acted like insurance against the rest of my portfolio, exactly like it should. Gold is not for speculation, it is for insurance. Had I not seen Faber that day, I would have suffered like the 9 out of 10 people have over the last year or so. Last month I got a cold call from my old financial advisor that I have not heard from in years. In conversation he said that most of his clients are down 30%, I said I had not lost any money and that he cannot help me.

  7. Anon @ 17:18
    Thanks for the info. Maybe that's what Alan was remembering Last week (lol).

    "It really is indicative of a culture of consumption and an antipathy to savings."
    Well said that man & woman!

  8. Kohler tonight : "Gold went up"
    That was it - no other comment, moved quickly on to oil.
    Interesting way to make an omelet Alan.

  9. Cant take stock or bond notes into JB HI-FI as currency either .... That statement was idiotic .... gold has an overall appreciation / depreciation the same as any other tradable item ....