20 July 2009

Leithner and Macfarlane

Interesting newsletter, as always, from Chris Leithner on Crusoe Economics, but not for those who like Kevin Rudd (the Poindexter of the title): Poindexter: Philosophical Mediocrity, Economic Illiterate and Evil Political Genius

Also worth a read is Jame Macfarlane's article If The Future's So Bright How Come I Don’t Need Shades?:

"... rumors of the economy’s rebound have been greatly exaggerated. And that’s the thrust of this article. I wish to argue that we are not now, nor will we soon be, in a recovery. This point will be made simply by demonstrating that we are not actually in a recession. Rather, we are in a depression. I present this thesis on the basis that information is power, and that being forewarned allows one to become forearmed."

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