05 June 2009

Boiler Room III - The Deal

After much anticipation, I received my call. It was a bit of a let down as it wasn't a scam, all the pre-screening was part of a telemarketing campaign for gold options trading for a Japanese commodity broker - www.ftpfutures.com.

The pitch was that gold was directly related to the US dollar, which was obviously going to be going down with inflationary money printing so "gold would go through the roof". Wasn't any mention of risk, but then I did hurry the pitch along because I wanted to cut to the chase to see if there was some sort of Nigerian requirement for me to make a facilitation payment or some such.

Looking at their website I don't think the unsoliticited telemarketing approach using contact details harvested from the net sits well with the image they are trying to project, but it is obviously working. I suppose that is a good sign for gold as 10 years ago I remember how hard it was getting anyone interested in gold.

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