11 May 2009

Boiler Room

Had a call today from a lady advising me that I would be getting a call in a couple a days from a "Commodity Advisor" with information about the gold market. She stressed that she wasn't selling anything. When I asked where she was from and she replied Hong Kong I knew it was a boiler room operation and she was pre-screening.

As one would expect, I had no luck trying to get her to understand that as I worked at a Mint, I didn't need anyone telling me about the gold market, I worked it in. I ended up saying don't get the Commodity Advisor to call me and hung up. In retrospect I regret that, as I now want to know what the scam was so I can share it with you. Hopefully they'll ignore my request and call back.

First time I've ever received or heard about this sort of thing for gold. A sign of the times that gold is going mainstream, now that the cold calling scammers are on to it?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bron,

    Just found your website via a post on Seeking Alpha that I responded to.

    Interesting to get your perspective from down under.

    Regarding this particular post, it will be interesting to see what companies jump out of the woodwork to take advantage (scam) the unsuspecting.