19 November 2008

Gold Standard

With thanks to Tim Iacono's blog, here are some recent articles on the gold standard he has found that in some form argue for or raise the idea of gold as the solution to the current problems:

The Christian Science Monitor, 17 Nov: Forget Bretton Woods II – we need a gold standard
The Wall Street Journal, 17 Nov: To Prevent Bubbles, Restrain the Fed
The Wall Street Journal, 14 Nov: Stable Money Is the Key to Recovery

Also found by New Kontent blog I follow:

Eric Janszen, President iTulip.com, 16 Nov: A return to the Bretton Woods international gold standard is inevitable

And to The Calgary Herald, 15 Nov I present my Stating The Obvious Award: "But it seems central bankers and governments around the world have already put a stop on a comeback of the gold standard as they prefer monetary policies without being restrained by gold reserves."

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