12 September 2008

Gary North article on Silver & Hommel


Note: the label does not apply to Gary North, but to the subjects of his article.


15 Sep Additional from Gary: http://www.garynorth.com/public/4002.cfm
16 Sep Hommel's reply to Gary: http://silverstockreport.com/2008/shortagefeedback.html


  1. A pot/kettle dialogue ?

    All the writers mentioned in the article (and the author) suffer the common newsletter writer's dilemma - how to inspire sufficient confidence in the reader to encourage purchase of the newsletter, while at the same time holding back sufficient content to make the purchase worthwhile. Couple the above dilemma to the constant pressure for exposure, and nonsense is the outcome.
    My most prevalent reaction to these and other writers is to question what is most lucrative to them - their investments or the subscriptions to their newsletters ?
    North rightly criticises Hommel for his ridiculous reasoning, but then expects the reader to believe him (North) just because he says so.
    It would be great if more of these writers would call a bear market, however.


  2. Bron,

    Thanks for hosting a link to my blog. Didn't know how to do that. I will endeavor to reciprocate.