21 June 2012

Before and After

I think Warren's market flowchart needed to be refined.


Beer Holiday said...

Whoa, can we slow down with the complicated flow charts? I'm still getting my head around Warren's

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... but Bron, you forgot one thing. The guy with the gold has now diversified into fractionals. Ha ha... please redo the diagram, but this time with smaller Oz's :-)

Pete said...

Congrats on your interview on Financial Sense too:


You're getting a wider audience, and more people behind you because they like your background/employer and your credibility for cutting through the BS.

Gordon said...

Hi Bron,

There is an interesting post from John at Bronte Capital: http://brontecapital.blogspot.com.au/
that you might want to add a comment.


Anonymous said...

Where is the taxman in all this chaos?