10 August 2009

Silver ETF League Table

Further to my post on Gold ETFs, below are the figures for silver.

ETF/Custodial FacilitySilver Ounces as at July 2009% share of Total Privately Held
Central Fund/Trust of Canada59,648,7934.3%
Zurcher Kantonalbank52,343,8423.7%
ETF Securities19,133,4591.4%
Bullion Management Group5,444,6850.4%
Silver "Products" Sub-total438,956,95131.4%
Total Other Privately Held842,564,86660.2%
Total Privately Held1,400,000,000100.0%

Compared to gold, the silver ETFs provide more transparency, which is another way of saying there is less privately held silver stock compared to gold.


Alan von Altendorf said...

Bron, off-topic, could you please take a look at this blog post about Bundesbank gold leases:


Bron said...

I am not surprised to see central bank holdings held with other banks nor that some of those holdings have been lent out. Some central banks are upfront about it, others mix physical metal & leased metal and just report one "asset" line.

During normal markets getting a return on your gold probably didn't seem too risky to a central bankers. However they are likely now reconsidering their "counterparty exposure" and whether the bank to whom they lent the metal has the balance sheet to withstand any losses (from the people they onlent the metal to).

Alan von Altendorf said...

Thanks. I understand and agree. We're entering into a new era of hair-trigger rush to the exits. Another big bank failure is all it would take to blow up the fiats.